[Guide] How To Upload And Post A Picture[Guide]

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[Guide] How To Upload And Post A Picture[Guide]

Post  LilToBig on Mon Aug 02, 2010 8:25 am

1) Press the Printscreen button.

2) Open up Paint

3) Press Ctrl+v (=Paste), you should now see your picture.

4) Click on this button, and cut the picture you want to have.

5) Save it.

Congratulations! You have the picture. I will now explain How you put it on a forum.
First off all there are multiple sites to upload a picture, but I will use Tinypic.

1) Go to www.TinyPic.com

2) Click on Browse.

3) Select your picture.

4) Press upload

5) Fill in the Code.

6) Copy the 2nd bar.

7) Go to the Forums, and Reply or Post a new Thread.

7.1) Paste the code here. It should look like this. But with [ Img] at the beggining and [ /Img] at the end.

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