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Application for Xmas (Mod) Empty Application for Xmas (Mod)

Post  Xmas on Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:55 pm

In-game name: Xmas

Reasons for us to pick you:
I am online for long periods of time (probably too much) so I can help out all new players and others. I have a good sense of humor. (::emote 1770) and I think I'm pretty nice Smile

Extra info: I live in Canada, ride my moose to school then come home to my igloo and eat beaver for dinner.

Irl name:

How old are you: 14

Why do you think you deserve Moderator Status: I am online a lot and know the server quite well. I try to help people out whenever I can and I'm always up for pking or godwars. The videos I make recruit new players making it a better community and I am currently working on another one right now.

What will you do when you are mod: When I am a moderator I will respect all staff and help out normal players. I will make sure everyone obeys the rules and not argue with those higher up (owner + admin) and try to sort out arguments with other players.

Have you ever been staff on other servers:
Yes but only 1 or 2 times and was not removed from staff.

What's your e-mail:

Will you advertise for the server: Yes, I make videos on youtube, people have been joining from there.

Will you vote everyday: Yes I already do!


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