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Mod Application for Vulcan Empty Mod Application for Vulcan

Post  vulcan on Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:14 pm

In-game name: Vulcan

Reasons for us to pick you: I always follow the rules, do my best to help everyone and can stand the stress that comes with the position.

Extra info: I live in Colorado, have a good sense of humor and can take jokes.

Irl name: Steven

How old are you: 17

Why do you think you deserve Moderator Status: I deserve moderator status because i have always helped people on private servers even if i was just starting them myself.And i have shown dedication to this server and probably always will so long as it stays up and running.

What will you do when you are mod: I will always do my best to help people when they need help and help keep the other players of AGS-SCAPE having lots of fun playing this amazing server.

Have you ever been staff on other servers: I have never been staff because i didnt have the time to even if it had been offered.

What's your e-mail:

Will you advertise for the server: I will advertise the server as much as i possibly can because i can't wait for more people to be on it.

Will you vote everyday: I will vote everyday I am on.


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