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Post  taylor on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:03 am

In-game name: Taylor
Irl name: Taylor
How old I am: 16

Reasons for u to pick me: I think you should pick me because I’m always kind to people always willing to go out of my way to help
people if anything they need.

Why do you think you deserve Moderator Status: I think I am ready to take the position of a moderator so I can take that next step in helping people.

What will I do when you are mod: I will do whatever need to be done great people or help them in any way I could

Have you ever been staff on other servers: I was admin and mod on the server (Reborn)

My email: Iv got to make a new email address .

Will I advertise for the server: I will help in any way to advertise the server

Will I vote everyday: Yes I will vote every day.

I hope u think I cut the part of mod =)
Thanks for reading


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Post  Zoe on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:18 am

You see, there's this half-black trash on the server. She started a huge fight with me & Emma, because Emma called her a Negro (JOKINGLY) after Taylor called her a nigger (notice how nigger is more offensive than negro? yeah. it is. nigger is an insult, and negro is a color. OTL). She thought that Taylor was joking, so she said, "Hey negro". Taylor then started bitching her out. Emma, being a bigger person (so to speak), teleported away and told me about this incident. Since I consider Emma my sister, I teleported to the spot Taylor was at and bitched her out after pointing out the DIFFERENCE. She claimed she was "offended by negro, because it's LIEK SOOPER ROODZ!@!@" I pointed out that nigger is, AGAIN, offensive, and what did she do? BITCHED ME OUT SOME MORE. She continued bitching me out. I got muted & jailed because apparently she tattled. How I'm confused is that, I got in trouble.. And that bitch didn't? Oh. That's right. It's because she donated money and is dating (and slutting around on) this server's "co-co-owner" or whatever fucking term she used. So, half-black trash bitched me out, and while I accept my consequences and quit arguing to that bitch, she simply continued and didn't get in trouble. Woooh, go SERVERSLUT!

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