I'm quitting 'cause of Taylor.

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I'm quitting 'cause of Taylor. Empty I'm quitting 'cause of Taylor.

Post  Zoe on Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:16 am

You see, there's this half-black trash on the server. She started a huge fight with me & Emma, because Emma called her a Negro (JOKINGLY) after Taylor called her a nigger (notice how nigger is more offensive than negro? yeah. it is. nigger is an insult, and negro is a color. OTL). She thought that Taylor was joking, so she said, "Hey negro". Taylor then started bitching her out. Emma, being a bigger person (so to speak), teleported away and told me about this incident. Since I consider Emma my sister, I teleported to the spot Taylor was at and bitched her out after pointing out the DIFFERENCE. She claimed she was "offended by negro, because it's LIEK SOOPER ROODZ!@!@" I pointed out that nigger is, AGAIN, offensive, and what did she do? BITCHED ME OUT SOME MORE. She continued bitching me out. I got muted & jailed because apparently she tattled. How I'm confused is that, I got in trouble.. And that bitch didn't? Oh. That's right. It's because she donated money and is dating (and slutting around on) this server's "co-co-owner" or whatever fucking term she used. So, I'm quitting because half-black trash bitched me out, and while I accept my consequences and quit arguing to that bitch, she simply continued and didn't get in trouble. So, yeah, here's to your server slut making you lose two players (Emma and I)! Woooh, go SERVERSLUT!

Also, I'm sincerely sorry that I have to quit, Sam. You are the one sane person on this server, because all the others were having bitchfits or simply sided with the bitch. While you may not "take sides", you still see that she is being a bitch and that, kekekeke, I am the one right here. I'm glad I'm going to keep in touch with you, because you're a friendly, cool guy. To the rest? OTL FYL!

Oh, Brad, thanks for teleporting me to you just so she could call me a "mrs cunt bitch". I love how, even though you knew it was wrong and that you shouldn't. I really thought you were a better person, but whatever; when it comes down to a woman and her slut (Yes, you are a woman for that, Brad, you gay sonnofabitch), I know that the slut comes first instead of right and wrong. I swear, I worry for whoever ends up getting you as a wife. But, oh that's right, your half-black trash will come through, and you will make another half-black-trash family that lives in the ghetto in a trailer.

Neon? Yeah. You. You get money from her, so you just sit and LOL at everybody. You're not a fucking good owner at all; you're barely on. What're you doing, masturbating? Oh... wait. I'm not that surprised. I spot a bright future ahead for you; drug dealer or Mexican porno star.

Taylor? If your brother was shot (and he's clearly not, OTL. Lying bitch.) and you can't see him in the hospital, wouldn't you be waiting in the hospital waiting room? Or do you even CARE about your brother being shot? I love how you wanna throw a pity shower and say your brother was stabbed, and that argument was making you even MORE frustrated, so you go ahead and bitch me out instead of saying another lie like, "OMG I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW." At least be believable; because, if your brother got stabbed, wouldn't you be worrying for his life because A) you can't see him. And B) You don't know what condition he is? Oh, that's right. It's just another pity shower. Sorry, shemale. But, if your brother was truly stabbed, and if he truly existed, I would apologize to him for having such a horrible shemalebrothersister. You're a disgrace to lying preteens throughout the world. I love how you say "half-black" instead of "half-african american", therefore insulting your ancestors further. It's the same as calling them "half-negro", because Negro is, again, ANOTHER NAME FOR THE COLOR BLACK. so gtfo shemale.

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