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Post  Gl Oh Nvm Gf on Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:41 pm

Vote for meh ill give u a cookie lol jk no cookies!

Just loook below for my application

In-game name:Gl Oh Nvm Gf <====Pwned!

Reasons for us to pick you:Because i think i can fit the spot because i am one of the best helpers youll ever meet lol i probably not but i think u will Very Happy

Extra info:ive been playing on rsps servers for 5 years now and i am 16 and i think i should be mod because im Trusting person i help/talk/introduce alot!

Irl name:Jake

How old are you:16

Why do you think you deserve Moderator Status:Because im trustworthy and perspective and helpful and i think i can fit the spot

What will you do when you are mod:i will help new players because new players are important:D its not all about the new players i can help other players to!;D

Have you ever been staff on other servers:Yes i have and all the experience ive earned on my way to ags-scape i think it will help my chances of being a mod and yea.

What's your

Will you advertise for the server:I got syi or allgofree and i can tell my friends so ill take that as a yes!

Will you vote everyday:OF COURSE!

Thanks For taking ur time to read this now you will get a cookie
Gl Oh Nvm Gf
Gl Oh Nvm Gf

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