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Post  AgsRules on Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:29 pm

Hey guys im ready to take helping and Being more friendly to the next level by Achieving Admin Rank.

If you want to see my go below!

IGN : AgsRules

When you joined : 5 days ago

How often you play : _5-6_ hrs a day

Are you helpful in game : Yes i am i help lots of people but some dont need help cause they learn:Di will do lots of helping around server:) Im Very Friendly and generous to So i think that will help Very Happy!

Do you promise not to abuse your powers? :Yes Beyond my Life i do promise Not to abuse my powers ill do more Helping and Showing People around server.

Will you be active on the forums? : yes i will ill go on the chatbox and stay active all the time Everyday

In real life name:Ryan or call me Ryz<----Gay


Why do you want to be a Moderator?Because it Can increase my chances on other servers on become a staffmember And on Ags-scape

Are you well known in the community?:Im Very Well Known Because i help i Introduce other people to new people because they need as much help as they can get P.S pm ME!

Have you ever been muted/banned? No Not that i can think of because Im Very Trustworthy And Generous And i Promise i will Never Get Banned Or Muted And im gunna keep it that way!Very Happy

In what case would you mute somebody?:if they spam/swear/hate/And think Our server is gay they should be either banned or muted Necause we dont wanna hear that D: Hopefully We Have a Friendly Server!

Have You Ever Been A Staff Member of Another Server?yes Thats why i believe ill have lots of experience and i will not abuse the powers[Offtopic] i've been a moderator of a total of 12 And counting admin 4 co owner 1 Very Happy

New Video Up !!!

thanks guys !!! AgsRules!


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